I will put Celtic knotwork on ANYTHING!

I’ve been making jewelry out of anything that holds still long enough since I was 10 years old. (Most of my friends are real active.) I make a lot of things out of recycled materials. Much of my work is inspired by the Middle Ages. I have been a re-enactor for many years, primarily in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

You can find my art online in my various web stores:





FABRIC BY THE YARD! (Or as little as one 8″ swatch.):

Click here:  http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/ingridthecrafty

For a current selection of Penannulars Brooches and Shawl Pins, please contact me at: ingridthecrafty@yahoo.com

I have a few penannulars and other things listed on my etsy store:


If you have a penannular brooch and can’t remember how it works, Here’s a quick tutorial!


My booth at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool 2017



My booth at Sheep in the City 2016


This is my booth at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool 2015


Wisconsin Alpaca and Fiber Fest in 2015


And here is a single table booth at Sheep in the City 2015:

Sheep in the City 2015

I don’t believe I got it all on one table!

A closer look at some of the pins:


Penannular brooches and Ring pins.

4 Responses to “About my work:”

  1. Wendell Brookhyser Says:

    Dear Ingrid, Please let me know if you might be interested in deer bones and skulls I have for sale. Very reasonable prices. Cleaned and dried. I also will have some grapevine wreaths and huge pinecones by April.
    Thank you,
    Wendell Brokhyser

    1. Thank you, but I have more than enough to keep me going for quite some time.


    I believe I know the answer but need to ask anyway….do you screen print the designs or embroider them? looking for Celtic design embroiderer or artist to work with on possible future custom saddle pad jobs. Thank you! Barb Guenther Fishers, IN

    1. Hi Barb, Actually, most of my work is done on paper. I have third party print on demand stores where my images are printed when they actually sell. This means I don’t have to keep inventory. That having been said, I DO design and produce stencils that can be used to put a design on almost any surface. One way a design can be applied to leather is by pyrography, or burning. That is something I have been working with, mostly on smaller projects, but I can do larger pieces as well.


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