We must recall the history of race
but not be blinded by our racial pride
A prejudicial culture is in place
That makes it hard to see the other side
Remember that the color of one’s face
Was used to excuse why so many died

And there have been so many who have died
For no more reason than their native race
The fear of difference masquerades as pride
False reason to put others in their place
To justify that right is on their side
Because they have pale skin upon their face

Responsibility is hard to face
“It was not my fault that so many died!”
“It’s all those folks down South who hated race!”
“My ancestors were blinded by their pride!”
“I wasn’t even born when that took place!”
“I’m not a racist! I am on their side!”

But still we see them as the other side
We still see first the color of the face
Our culture’s fear and hatred has not died
We still judge people first in terms of race
We still are blinded by our pale skinned pride
We must move forward from this awful place

It’s true we’re not the ones who made this place
White here, and colors on the other side
But here there is a truth that we must face
If we do nothing, more folks will have died
For nothing other than their native race
And we will have no reason to feel pride

We must move past this useless racial pride
Must make our world a much more equal place
We all should stand together, side by side
I does not matter what color the face
It will matter that no more folks have died
For simply being of another race.

Then every race may feel some pride
That in this place We’re on one side
For colored face none will have died