A friend gave me some bones and skulls while cleaning her garage a while back. Here are some of the things I have done with them.sheepskull1SheepSkull1c-1IMG_5248IMG_5249jawboneH2OcolorIMG_5251IMG_5256IMG_5259


Recently I made a belt for my nephew. I used a wood burning tool on a white leather strip.

A. The outlines burned into the leather. B. Colored with a fabric marker. C. Background burned in.  D. Snaps, holes, and keeper added. E. Finished belt.


I have written previously about the names of the basic types of medieval pins. In doing some further research, it seems I may have the order of things backwards.

The term fibula, plural fibulae, comes from a Latin word for pin. The leg bone was named for its resemblance to a simple pin, the precursor to the safety pin.

So any pin may be referred to as a fibula.

The penannular is also a fibula, but of a very specific type. Pen comes from the Latin paene meaning almost. Annular comes from the Latin Annulus meaning a ring, or circular. Therefore “penannular” means almost circular.

Brooch is a term used to mean any kind of pin. It comes from the Latin broochus, meaning to project, through Old French broche, a spit for roasting, and Middle English broach, a skewer or bodkin.

So a penannular brooch is still a fibula, but all fibulae are not penannular brooches.

I have several penannular brooches and other fibula available in my etsy store.

Here are some of the things I’ve been doing in this past year.

A resin replica of a ravens’s skull mounted on a circlet.


A pendant I carved from an antler end, with a turquoise stone in the center.

2014-09-30 09.23.06

Some buttons I made from some of my celtic fabric designs.


Painted leather hair pieces, which also make great shawl and cloak closures.IMG_1173


I’ve been playing around with needle felting. I’ve made several small critters out of both wool and cathair. My Siamese mix has a three layered coat that felts amazingly well! But my real epiphany came when I started felting a design onto a flat piece of felt. Wow! I can draw and paint with….yarn!

One of my felted cats made of wool.

One of my felted cats made of wool.

My first yarn drawing

My first yarn drawing

Bag made from felted sweater with yarn painting

Bag made from felted sweater with yarn painting

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